Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are South Africa’s growing travel guide and booking service that offers travelers choice and value for money, not forgetting, helping you to discover and create lasting travel memories. To this end we partner only the best in travel and tourism, which makes it possible for us to provide a one-stop travel guide and booking platform. Want to know about we go about out business? Read below for important answers to frequently asked questions about us and our services.

Why should l book with you and not the old, established brands?

We are partners of most of the leading brands in tours, hotels, flights and car rentals in providing travel booking services with a pool of millions of hotels, fights and cars for rent around the world, hence by booking with us, you will pretty much be booking with some of these brands, as we are connected to same and similar booking system(s). However, what makes us unique is the ability to tap into many systems so compare rates and prices and give you the best value.

Do you charge an extra fee or commission for referrals?

As a partner of some of the leading travel booking platforms around the world, we are rewarded by way of commission on the same price as a customer will get, making sure you don’t pay a cent extra. For example, if a room is R2500, you will still pay R2500 whether with us or direct with any of our partners. With us, you are at one-stop shop and we make booking easy by doing the heavy lifting and giving you the best prices from as many platforms.

Is my credit card safe?

Safety of credit cards is paramount in today’s world of ecommerce, hence we have partnered only established brands in processing your payments. We do not process your payment, all payments are processed by the partner brands, be it, Aviasales or These are well proven brands, hence your credit card is as safe as it can be.

What is your refund policy?

As a partner of several top brands across travel and hospitality industry, our refund policy is as provided on each of the platform that you will directed to for payment. We are more than ready and ready to help you submit a refund request, should you need one.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, you are more than capable of cancelling any booking, subject to the cancellation policy of each payment handler and property, where we will direct to for checkout. This is always provided on each checkout page when booking your trip. Familiarize yourself with this prior to making any booking, should you have doubts about your trip.

Need help booking?

Call us on +27 84 757 6292 for individual, tailored advice for your perfect stay or send us a message with your hotel booking query.

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